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Announcing the launch of Headlamp Studios, LLC

I’m excited to announce the official launch of my own indie game studio! Headlamp Studios, LLC is currently the truest form of independent game development that exists. It’s just me, Brad Allmendinger, wearing all hats for the company.

That’s right! It is a lot of work. I’m handling the ideas, game design, development, artwork, marketing, finance, and everything else that goes into making and releasing games. And I’m doing all this while I still hold down full time employment as a web developer and consultant.

If I had a Mission Statement, it would look like this:

Headlamp Studios, LLC will make simulation games for niche audiences that add happiness to the world.

Damn, Brad, that’s not bad for right off the top of your head. Have you considered going into marketing?


I intend for Headlamp Studios, LLC to also act as a vehicle for testing marketing ideas for indie games. The gaming industry is brutal for indies, it’s harder than ever for small titles to get noticed. I have a decent grasp of marketing (for a developer) that I’ll use to help other developers.

This blog will share my marketing ideas, strategies, and results. I’m hoping I can share with developers that don’t have as much marketing awareness. My technical background should allow me to provide an analytical approach to marketing success.


The studio’s first game will be Thru-Hiker’s Journey. It’s an Appalachian Trail simulation game for Android and iOS.

I had the idea years ago, in a moment of manic anxiety, and produced an ugly web version of the game. It’s still up and playable at atthruhike.com.

I did no marketing at all for the web game and it has over 60,000 lifetime plays. I posted one link on the Appalachian Trail subreddit and it took off in the backpacking community. Some of the biggest brands in the industry shared it. People posted it on every AT related forum I could find. It was an unbelievable experience.

It’s been a couple years since that launch and I’m ready to do it again. I think it’s time to revisit the success and build out a complete game and attempt to monetize it.